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Hostal Madre Tierra Pension

Calle Atocsaycuchi 647 - A -, San Blas, Cusco, Peru

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Vroegste check-in: 12:00


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Groep van 15 personen of meer die reizen naar Cusco?

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Kaart en routebeschrijving


Hostal Madre Tierra offers a pick up service from the airport to the hotel .

All you need to do is mention this in an email to us, and we´ll arrange this for you.

Or you can take a taxi but please be aware that the taxi drivers are not all honest and you should pay no more than 15 to 20 soles which is $6 or 8

Also be advised that the taxi drivers will try and deter you from the hostel to which you booked by telling you it no longer exists or some other reason. So please be aware on your travels.

If in doubt, ask someone of authority.

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